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A Journal Like No Other


As an innovative translation journal, Critic publishes works with a multidisciplinary perspective in order to boost research in translation and related fields.


Our journal primarily accepts articles in English and French, but we expect to publish innovative research papers in more European & Oriental languages.


We do not discrimate on profiles and accept contributions from seasoned scholars and young researchers alike. Only quality matters to us and our readers.

About Our Translation Journal

From Literary translation to Audiovisual translation through Neural Machine Translation (NMT) systems, conference and community interpreting, intercultural communication, sociolinguistics and more, Critic covers a wide range of interesting and innovative research topics. In fact, we are interested in anything related to languages, translation, culture, and multilingual communication.

Our journal publishes research from scholars worldwide and we are always thrilled to help share knowledge. You can get in touch to discover behind-the-scenes, insights, author profiles, and more. Alternatively, you can play an active role by volunteering as an editorial assistant.

Editorial Process

1. Selection

Our translation journal focusses onquality. So we make sure articles submitted through a Call for papers meet basic requirements in terms of originality, relevance, adequation with the main theme(s) and editorial policy, among others.

2. Evaluation

Preselected article proposals then go through a rigorous selection process: a single-blind, peer-review by two independent reviewers, followed by a final acceptance/rejection decision by the Editors (or guest editors, as appropriate).

3. Publication

Selected articles are returned to authors with comments from blind reviewers. Authors are given time to make changes/revisions before their articles go through a second and third evaluation. Quality matters.

>Critic, Our Journal

ISSN 2707-8531 (Print)

Made up of 9 articles and one review, this 2021 issue of Critic is a rich and eclectic collection, with contributions in English, French and Spanish. Topics covered include neuronal machine translation (NMT), ergonomics in the language industry, literary and legal translation, drama translation, as well as epistemology, and functionalist approaches to translation studies.

ISSN 2707-8531 
ISBN 979-8453471812

Stéphanie ENGOLA
University of Yaoundé 1
[email protected]

Deputy Director
CIRTI/University of Liège
[email protected]

Carlos DJOMO
ESIT/Sorbonne Nouvelle University
[email protected]

  • Suzanne Ayonghe (University of Buea)
  • Carlos Djomo (ESIT/Sorbonne Nouvelle)
  • Hussein Musavinasab (ESIT/Sorbonne Nouvelle)
  • Madiha Kassawat (ESIT/Sorbonne Nouvelle)
  • Kelly Akerman (Glendon College, York University)

* Periodicity: 1 Issue per Year
* Peer Review: Yes (Double Blind)
* Article Processing Fees (APC): No
* Access: Hybrid
* Format: Print & Online

ISSN 2707-8531 (Print)
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We Are Listed/Indexed

As a new journal, we are not yet famous. But we are working towards that goal. Being new and run by young scholars does not mean we settle to play in minor leagues. We are targetting the World’s top indexation rankings and, gradually thriving to feature there. 
So far, we do exist ONLINE. Check below.