Cameroon Association for Translation Studies

We foster research on translation studies, interpreting, and intercultural communication

Translation Studies And Beyond.

As human beings, we enjoy reading books, eating good food and travelling around the globe. But, as a research-oriented association, we do much more in areas related to multilingualism.

Research Design

We are all researchers (to some extent), so doing research is part of our DNA. Together, we edify each other on best practices, new trends, quality resources.


We encourage ethical practices and capacity building opportunities to help advance research on translation, interpreting, and related fields.

Knowledge Base

We host several events aimed at sharing the latest trends and research through contributions from translation scholars around the world.

Brief Introduction.

A League of Terminology, Translation & Interpreting Lovers

No matter where we are and what we do, we love translation, terminology and Interpreting. That is why we help share knowledge and build capacities of researchers, lecturers, and practitioners alike.

Our Scholarly Journal.

Dawn of African Translation Studies

This inaugural issue of >Critic tackles different facets, methods and practices relating to translation studies in Africa, by Africans, or with Africans. With contributions from world-class translation scholars, this issue paves the way to a fascinating journey into translation and interpreting circles in Africa and beyond. Topics discussed include, without being restricted to: literary (oral) translation, critical issues in translator training, technical translation, translation theory and practice, etc..

Be Part of The Community.

Have a Passion for Translation Issues?

You can love it more, plus share the love with like-minded people. We are always glad to welcome translation students, researchers, practitioners, lectures, enthusiasts! It does not matter whether you are living in Cameroon or on Mars, retired, working professional or unemployed, as long as you want to help advance research on translation, terminology and interpreting, as well as languages and cultures

Let Us Make It Social

YPromoting Translation Studies in and for Africa. That's the mission that drive our actions on a daily basis. Join us on social media to spread the word. All you have to do is click the button below and like our Facebook Page to stay tuned. Let us do it together!