About Us

Promoting translation & interpreting research.

The Cameroon Association for Translation Studies (ACTRA-CATRAS) thrives to foster quality and internationally renowned research on translation, terminology and interpreting.

Our Vision

Promote both the vastness and richness of Africa's linguistic, sociocultural and communication systems.

Our Mission

Foster research in translation and interpreting studies, with a particular attention to the African perspective – approaches, resources, and stakeholders.

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Active Members

We are lecturers, scholars, practitioners, students with a common passion: research in translation.

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Research products

These range from preprints to book chapters, conference papers, and full-length articles.

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We've been partnering with universities & publishing houses to better boost TS research in Africa.


Putting Africa on the TS map.

Our association was founded in Yaounde, Cameroon on 15 April 2018 by a group of university lecturers, scholars, and practitioners in translation, interpreting, and terminology. The founding members aimed at promoting research and disseminating insights on languages, translation, and communication. This translates into our flagship initiative: a translation studies journal.

A unique TS journal

An African perspective.

As an innovative translation journal, >Critic publishes works with a multidisciplinary perspective in order to boost research in translation and related fields. Our journal primarily accepts articles in English and French, but we equally publish innovative research papers in more European (Spanish, German) & Oriental languages (Arabic). Only quality matters to us and our readers.

ACTRA-CATRAS in action

The essence of our activities.

Most of our activities aim to advance world-class research (primarily by Africans or about Africa) on translation, interpreting, and intercultural communication,. we host several workshops and publish a scientific journal, along with sensitisation campaigns to help raise awareness on the pertinence of translation studies in and for Africa.

Want to contribute?

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Contribute to our association as a volunteer, to help disseminate knowledge through our journal. Tasks range from editorial planning to paper initial evaluation, peer review and final proofreading.

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Enjoy exclusive members-only benefits ranging from a early-bird rates on events, free copies of our journal, discounts on training/seminars, speed mentoring events, and more.



By buying us a few cups of coffee, help advance world-class research (primarily by Africans or about Africa) on translation, interpreting, intercultural communication, etc. Thanks.