Non-thematic Issue

Volume 2/2021.

>Critic 2 is a non-thematic production that draws on the momentum from the inaugural issue. It features contributions from both scholars and practitioners all over the world, with a dedicated section for reviews.

Made up of 9 articles and one review, this 2021 issue of >Critic is a rich and eclectic collection, with contributions in English, French and Spanish. Topics covered include neuronal machine translation (NMT), ergonomics in the language industry, literary and legal translation, drama translation, as well as epistemology, and functionalist approaches to translation studies.

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Periodicity: 1 Issue per Year
Peer Review: Yes (Double Blind)
Article Processing Fees (APC): No
Distribution: Hybrid
Format: Print & Online

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Editorial. Stronger than the pandemic

Jean-François ALLAIN
De la traduction manuscrite à la traduction neuronale. Évolution ou révolution ?

María Isabel RIVAS GINEL
Ergonomics of tools usage for video game localisation:
a user survey

Marie-Évelyne LE PODER
Traducción de las obras poéticas:
una visión de la labor del/de la traductor/a

La traduction littéraire de l’idiomatique :
clivage ciblistes/sourciers

Bérengère DENIZEAU
Traduction juridique, traduction littéraire, similitudes et divergences

Les perspectives textuelles dans l’analyse de texte en traduction

Micol BEZ & Angelo VANNINI
Traductibilité et différence épistémique.
Penser la traduction avec Gramsci

Caroline RICHARD
Traduire les émotions anciennes :
enjeux anthropologiques de la diffusion des textes

Traduire l’oralité au théâtre du langage

Christiane Nord (2020). La Traduction : une activité ciblée. Introduction aux approches fonctionnalistes. Liège : Presses universitaires de Liège, 200 p.

About >Critic

>Critic is an innovative scholarly journal which covers a wide range of interesting topics, from literary translation to audiovisual and multimedia translation through language technologies, translator training, conference and community interpreting, and intercultural communication. The journal is interested in anything related to languages, translation, culture, and multilingual communication. Published annually, it includes articles and book reviews spanning through the whole translation studies spectrum.

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